“He’s landed in California but the Mighty Iceberg brings his happy Roots Reggae direct from Belize — home to a thriving Rastafarian culture. His voice is deep and romantic as it glides over crisp, laid-back tracks. ”
Jessy Terry – A V N

“ WOODEN ARROW/ I appreciate the message in your songs. I especially like your song Suffering and I agree that riches are meant to be shared as so many with means hoard what they have; never giving thought to their brothers and sisters who are in need. Thank you my new friend. ”
Debbie Rivers – Wise View

“The Mighty Iceberg is a force to recond with, his music is internationally known to cool vibes down. Love is the way. Give thanks all times.”
Fas tan Bob Fari – Commentary Weekly.

“Reggae music is the life line river of free speech and righteousness, Speak up for your rights.”
Iman Jahman – Jaman Weekly

“I did not even know we had received this CD, but was pleasantly surprised to find it in the bottomless pit of CD`S, which seems to breed when i am not looking. I have seen the name around, Mighty Iceberg, so I was eager to unwrap it and give it a listen. My initial though was. ”
Ras Isac – Int Music & Radio

Reggae Artist and Band.

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